Homayoon Mountain, Aligoodarz BulletB.gif This being the most important and one of the last 'chals' of Oshtoran Kooh Mountains reputedly known as 'Homayoon', in which the high peak of 'Kaft Homayoon' at an altitude of 4,000 m. is located. The famous spring of 'Shah Takht' is situated in this area. The beautiful 'Gahar Lake' is also to the south of which. Oshtoran kooh Mountain, Aligoodarz BulletB.gif Located 50 km. within the limits of Aligoodarz and Borujerd, in a north west and south east direction, spans the 'Oshtoran Kooh' Mountain Range. Its natural glaciers are full of snow and ice throughout the year. This mountain range has numerous peaks, the tallest being San Boran with an altitude of 4,100 m. above sea level. This range from east to west runs in a zigzag fashion and at every bend forms into a semi-circle known as 'chal'. At the end of each of these 'chals' a permanent glacier is present. The 'chals' of the Oshtoran Kooh are named as, Meeshan, Kabood, Boran, Panjom, Fiyal Soon, Panjom, Peyar and Homayoon. Oshtoran kooh Mountain Oshtoran kooh MountainOshtoran kooh Mountain Oshtoran kooh Mountain Qalieh Mountain, Aligoodarz BulletB.gif Located at the natural borders of Aligoodarz and Dezful, and at a distance of 80 km. from Aligoodarz, stands the Qalieh Kooh with an altitude of 4,110m. The skirts of these mountains are extremely beautiful, full of flora and fauna. The said peak is accessible from the village of Chaqagarg 48 km. south west of Aligoodarz. Tamandar Mountain, Aligoodarz BulletB.gif The 'Tamandar' Mountain Ranges in the district of Barirood and Zolfi in Aligoodarz, has four ranges - north, south, east and central. The northern range has two peaks Azna and Darreh Sar with an elevation of 3,200 m. and 3,250 m. respectively. The central range has six peaks named as, Goleh-ye-Markazi-e-Tamandar (central peak), 'Homa', 'Goleh-ye-Shomali' (northern peak), 'Sharqi', and Junoobi-e-Tamandar' (east and south peaks respectively), and lastly the southern peak of the 'Darreh Sar'. The northern range of Tamandar mountains has two peaks called 'Farsesh' and the 'Qoleh-e-Junoobi' (southern peak) with an altitude of 3,600 m. and 3,850 m. respectively. The southern range of Tamandar mountains includes the peak of 'Qaleh-Dokhtar'. The mountainous region of Tamandar is one of the largest hunting grounds accounted for in Aligoodarz. Other Altitudes and Summits, Lurestan BulletB.gif Other heights can be said to be as follows :  Baraftab, Chargoon, Ruhi, Sar Astaneh, Shah Neshin, Makhmalkooh, Haftkooh and... in Aligoodarz. The heights of Bonad, Sefid, Siyah, Farun, Muluk and... in Borujerd. The heights of Aab Kooseh, Bolooran, Bonsareh, Tappeh Towbeh, Teimoor, Takht Kooh, Madiyan Kooh, Hoorandi, Siyah Kamar and Googerd in Khoram Aad.
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